When all is said and done…

The weekend proved to be full of excitement. It was a weekend of firsts (such as muscle ups) and PRs that thrilled many. There the top teams who won the event, but in the end, it was the community that came together and WON overall. Great job to all the boxes out there that convinced their athletes to come out of their comfort zone and compete. Look forward to seeing you all in six months or so….keep training!

1st Place – Flexual Healing (Crossfit Gof Metgot)
Kimberly Taguacta
Amy Reyes
Brian Quigley
Justin Kohn
Shane Concepcion

2nd Place – 3 Headed Dragons and 2 Knights (Crossfit Gof Metgot)
Sarah Newton
Lindsay Summerhays
Suni Pitman
Paul Claros
Steven Sablan

3rd Place – Latte Strong (Crossfit Latte Stone)
Noreen Ericsson
Krystal Madden
Michael James
Sonny Cortez
Joshua Manglona

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