Trench 4 in the books

Trench 4 is in the books. After two days of competition, the results are in:

1. Alex Johnson – Crossfit Hita
2. Salvi Villanueva – GetFit CNMI
3. Mike James – Crossfit Latte Stone
4. Carlos Sheiloh – Crossfit Andersen
5. Randy Mendiola – Crossfit Gof Metgot

1. Lindsay Summerhays – Crossfit Gof Metgot
2. Reena Catalina – Crossfit Latte Stone
3. Nevin Yazici – Chamorri Crossfit
4. Desiree Bustos – Crossfit Andersen
5. Lauren Lafossee – Crossfit Andersen

For complete results, visit this link

A big thank you to Madfitter, Llamas with Barbells, FitAid, Batskin, and all the support members for making this happen. We hope to see you back in April for the next one.

Update – Day 2 Heats

HEAT 1 – Women
Last First Affiliate Category
Dotson Sarah
Olivares Irish
Garcia Allyn
Lee Sue
Madden Krystal
Camacho Erica
Engel Emily

HEAT 2 – Men
Last First Affiliate Category
Bejerana Justin
Reyes Joey 25 0
Manglona Napu 7
Villanueva Christian 7
Rance Carlito 6
Ley Jacob 5
Tudela Joey

HEAT 3 – Women
Last First Affiliate Category
Eddy Rose
Terlaje Tiara
Navarro Brit
Harkness Nicole
Crisostomo Taylor
Catalina Reena
Ryan Kris

HEAT 4- Men
Last First Affiliate Category
Dacanay Benny
Walker Dana
Pascual Earl
Derusha Donny
Aranda Harold
Chargualaf Francis
Cortez Sonny

HEAT 5 – Women
Last First Affiliate Category
Worrel Brandy
Bustos Desiree
Summerhays Lindsay
Newton Sarah
Laffosse Lauren
Yazici Nevin

HEAT 6 – Men
Last First Affiliate Category
Barretto Caleb
Weiman Grant
Lombard Gabe
Mendiola Randy
Lloyd Wes
Gomez Fariht

HEAT 7 – Men
Last First Affiliate Category
Coghill Michael
James Mike
Villanueva Salvi
Sheiloh Carlos
Johnson Alex

Scores Update

Trench Throwdown – 4

It’s that time again, when the Marianas Crossfit Community will come together and throwdown! On October 10/11 come out and support your local box and our athletes from across the Marianas. We have athletes from Chamorri Crossfit, Crossfit Latte Stone, Crossfit Gof Metgot, Crossfit Andersen, Crossfit Hita, Unified Crossfit and GetFIT CNMI out to represent their box, have fun and build the local Crossfit Community. Information and scoring will be posted here: