Trench 4 in the books

Trench 4 is in the books. After two days of competition, the results are in:

1. Alex Johnson – Crossfit Hita
2. Salvi Villanueva – GetFit CNMI
3. Mike James – Crossfit Latte Stone
4. Carlos Sheiloh – Crossfit Andersen
5. Randy Mendiola – Crossfit Gof Metgot

1. Lindsay Summerhays – Crossfit Gof Metgot
2. Reena Catalina – Crossfit Latte Stone
3. Nevin Yazici – Chamorri Crossfit
4. Desiree Bustos – Crossfit Andersen
5. Lauren Lafossee – Crossfit Andersen

For complete results, visit this link

A big thank you to Madfitter, Llamas with Barbells, FitAid, Batskin, and all the support members for making this happen. We hope to see you back in April for the next one.

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