Trench V – Results

Congratulations to all the athletes who competed in Trench V.

Mens RX
1. Salvi Villanueva (Tribe Marianas)
2. Mike James (CFLS)
3. Gabe Martinez (Unified Crossfit)

Womens RX
1. Estella Blas (Chamorri Crossfit)
2. Ayn Charfauros (Chamorri Crossfit)
3. Erica Camacho (Unified Crossfit)

Mens Scaled
1. Nicko Inocencio (Crossfit Hita)
2. Dylan Nowlin (Crossfit Andersen)
3. Emerson Reyes (Crossfit Andersen)

Womens Scaled
1. Ju Park (Chamorri Crossfit)
2. Allie Carlos (CFLS)
3. Dayana Calma (Chamorri Crossfit)

Please check the leaderboard for full results

– NOTE – Team Event scheduled for Oct 8/9 2016

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